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AR# 13976

XST - "WARNING:HDLParsers:3215 - Unit / is now defined in a different file: was .vhd, now is .vhd"


General Description: 

When I recompile a VHDL design in XST after modifying files or changing the files within the project, the following warning message occurs: 


"WARNING:HDLParsers:3215 - Unit <library>/<ent | arch> is now defined in a different file: was <file1>.vhd, now is <file2>.vhd"


This message appears whenever an entity or architecture appears in a different VHDL file from the previous synthesis run. One message appears for each entity or architecture that has moved. This message indicates that XST has picked up the file change.

AR# 13976
Date 05/14/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article