AR# 14009


4.2i iMPACT - When I target an XC9500/XL/XV device, programming fails with "Failed 1...Failed 2" messages


Keywords: iMPACT, 9500, failed, JEDEC

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I attempt to program an XC9500/XL/XV device using iMPACT, the following message is reported:

"PROGRESS_START - Starting Operation.
Validating chain...
Boundary-scan chain validated successfully.
'1': Putting device in ISP mode...done
'1': Erasing device...done.
'1': Erasure completed successfully.
'1': Programming device...Failed 1
Failed 2
Programming terminated due to error.
PROGRESS_END - End Operation.
Elapsed time = 0 sec."

The message is repeated several times, and the tool will stop after issuing a "Programming Failed" message.


Failed 1
This message will often be returned when an attempt to program a 9500/XL/XV device is made. The message is misleading, as it does not indicate an actual failure.

The "Failed 1" message indicates that one or more attempts to program an area failed. In most cases, this does not indicate a problem -- multiple attempts are almost always needed to program a particular area on a 9500 device. If iMPACT does not report "Programming terminated due to error," then the device was successfully programmed.

Failed 2
Unlike the "Failed 1" message, this message typically indicates an actual programming error. This message may indicate that the device is unsupported, or it may indicate some other programming problem. Please see (Xilinx Answer 14369) for more details.

iMPACT should detect unsupported 9500 devices and display them as "9500_unsupported," although in some cases an unsupported device will not be flagged as such (this problem will be fixed in a future software release). In these cases, iMPACT will issue the "Failed 2" message.

For more details on determining which 9500 devices are not supported by iMPACT, please see (Xilinx Answer 12737).
AR# 14009
Date 09/30/2005
Status Archive
Type General Article
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