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AR# 14058

4.1i PAR - When cleanup passes are run, PAR incorrectly reports that timing was not met


Keywords: timing, cleanup, failed, passes

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
My router successfully met timing, but when cleanup passes are run, PAR incorrectly reports that the design did not met timing:

"The design submitted for place and route did not meet the specified timing requirements. Please use the static timing analysis tools (TRCE or Timing Analyzer) to report which constraints were not met..."

After cleanup, the PAR summary indicates that timing was met; any additional timing analysis on the routed design also indicates that there were no problems.


This problem is strictly a messaging bug related to cleanup passes and should not be seen as an indication of timing issues. The problem can either be ignored, or avoided by ensuring that no cleanup passes are run (-c 0 -d 0).

The problem will be resolved in the next major software release, as cleanup passes will be phased out.
AR# 14058
Date 10/20/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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