AR# 14164


6.1i iMPACT - "Error on line xx: bounds error" occurs when I use Altera's STAPL file player (JAM Player)


General Description:

When I use the Altera STAPL file player with a STAPL file created by iMPACT, the following error occurs:

"Error on line xx : bounds error"


This is a known issue with the Altera STAPL player.

To work around the problem, Xilinx suggests adjusting the Altera STAPL player code.

Modify these constants in the Jamdefs.h file:

//#define JAMC_MAX_JTAG_DR_LENGTH 2048

#define JAMC_MAX_JTAG_DR_LENGTH 2048*1000 // new value


#define JAMC_MAX_STATEMENT_LENGTH 8192*1000 // new value

AR# 14164
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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