AR# 14215


4.2 Project Navigator - Project Navigator does not create the project in the correct directory location when I use the network name as a reference


Keywords: ISE, 4.2, Project, Navigator, create, Design, Manager, network

Urgency: Standard.

General Description:

For ISE:

When I create a new project in

\\ network_name\........\project_directory

Project Navigator creates the project on the system drive (in a directory named after the network drive), instead of creating the project on the network drive as I expected.

For example:

My system drive is "C", and I define my project directory location as: \\network_name\........\project_directory

The project will be created at c:\network_name\........\project_directory

For Design Manager:

Design Manager will not allow me to create a project if I use the name of the network drive instead rather than the letter that references this drive.


When you create a design that you wish to store on a network drive, the path to the project directory for this new design must be referenced by the letter used to recognize that drive on the network.

For example:

The name of your network is "Company". You wish to create a project called "mydesign" and store this project in a directory named " Applications". "Applications" is located on the network drive "work", and this drive has the letter H as a drive reference.

In ISE Project Navigator windows:

- Select File -> New Project.

- In the Project Location field, type the path to the directory: H:\Applications

In the Project Name field, type the name of the project: mydesign

The project will be created and all information relevant to it will be saved on the network in the directory named after the project, which in this example is: H:\Applications\mydesign.
AR# 14215
Date 12/11/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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