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AR# 14366

Virtex-II Pro RocketIO - What is the difference between SmartModel and HSPICE models?


Xilinx offers both SmartModel and HSPICE models for the RocketIO MGT. What is the difference between these models? When is it appropriate to use one instead of the other?


Use SmartModel within an HDL logic simulator such as Model Technology's ModelSim. These models cover all digital features of the RocketIO transceiver. For more information about using SmartModel with Virtex-II Pro, see the following Answer Records:

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Use HSPICE models for analog simulation of device I/Os. Because HSPICE models reveal proprietary technology information, they are typically encrypted and/or released only under NDA. Xilinx offers encrypted HSPICE models for Virtex-II Pro at:


For more information, see (Xilinx Answer 14178) and (Xilinx Answer 13566).

AR# 14366
Date 12/15/2012
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