AR# 1437


Orcad Capture 7.0 - The XNF file is not created.


Keywords: Capture, XNF, not created

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When creating the XNF file from Capture 7.0, the session log lists the following
warning for every macro in the design;

"Warning [NET0066]: No XNF SYMBOL TYPE for part Uxx. Possible cause,
hierarchical part set to primitive?"

followed by;

"ERROR [NET0011] Netlist Failed."



All Xilinx macros have a default part type of "primitive." This can be changed globally
or on individual components.

To change an individual component:
- Double-click on the component symbol, then change the primitive property to "No"

To make a global change:
1. Select the design window.
2. Select Options -> Design Properties -> Hierarchy
3. Change parts to non-primitive.

The rule to follow when creating designs is as follows:

When you want to Update Part References you must have parts globally set
to "primitive."
When you want to Create a Netlist you must have parts globally set to non-primitive,
so that it is possible to descend into the hierarchical parts.


Even after doing the changes suggested in the Solution 1, the same message might appear.
In some cases, this error message is incorrect. When you set the parts globally to "non-primitive"
in Options-> Design Properties, the primitive parts are non-primitive at that point also. Since there
are no schematics for the primitives (there are not supposed to be), the error occurs for those parts.

Although this message indicates that the netlist fails, the XNF files are still created correctly. The
only concern is whether you are able to descend into the Xilinx parts that are macros so that you
can get the XNF files for them.
AR# 1437
Date 04/09/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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