AR# 1441


Timsim8 ends with return code 100 (XNFBA error 256) on non-Mentor XBLOX design


Keywords: timsim8, error 100, xnfba, xblox

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

If you are running Timsim8 -g on an LCA file whose origins are outside of
the Mentor Graphics framework (e.g., Synopsys), and the design contains
XBLOX components (recognized by DEF=BLOX or DEF=XBLOX attributes in the XFF
file), you may get the following error at runtime:

xnfba notfromconc.xff notfromconc_tim.xnf -o notfromconc_tim.xbf
Errors found while running xnfba.
Timsim8 ended with return code 100

In the timsim8.log file, you would see one or more errors like this:

ERROR 256: The pre-route XNF file contains un-back-annotatible symbol

Note that XNFBA has been run using the .xff file as the pre-routed netlist.
If a design contains XBLOX modules, XNFBA should be run using the .xg file,
in which the XBLOX modules have been synthesized into (back-annotatable)

Normally, when a Mentor design is translated into XNF, the EDIF2XNF
translator detects the presence of XBLOX modules and, if XBLOX modules
exist, creates a zero-length <design_name>.bmf ("BLOX Module Flag") file.
Timsim8 checks the presence of this file to determine whether it uses the
XFF or XG file as the pre-routed netlist. In the case of a non-Mentor
XBLOX design, EDIF2XNF is never run, and the BMF file is never created.
Thus, Timsim8 erroneously uses the XBLOX-laiden XFF file as the pre-routed
netlist, leading to Error 256.


Create a <design_name>.bmf file in the design directory. It does not
matter what, if anything, is contained in the file. It is only important
that the file exists. For example:

echo > notfromconc.bmf

Rerun Timsim8 -g and it should run fine.
AR# 1441
Date 05/24/1999
Status Archive
Type General Article
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