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FPGA Compiler II - Why is FPGA Compiler II on my FPGA Express CD?


Keywords: FPGA, Compiler II, Express, Service, Pack, 2, CD

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Why is the FPGA Compiler II software from Synopsys on the FPGA Express CD that I recently received? Does this mean that Xilinx will be supporting FPGA Compiler II?


In accordance with the end-of-life OEM agreement between Xilinx and Synopsys, Xilinx has included FPGA Compiler II software on the FPGA Express CD as part of a Synopsis promotion. For all support issues regarding FPGA Compiler II, please contact Synopsys customer support.

Information about the Synopsis promotion is available at:
AR# 14483
Date 08/11/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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