AR# 1455


XACT/SYNOPSYS: XSI 5.2.1 .db files for synthesizing 5210-4, 5215-5, and 5215-6


Keywords: XSI, Synopsys, synthesis, libraries, 5210-4, 5215-5,
5215-6, XC5210, Xc5215, FPGA Compiler, Design Compiler

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

XACT/Synopsys (XSI) Libraries for the XC5210-4, XC5215-5
ans XC5215-6 devices have been releaseed for XACT 5.2.1.


These Synopsys Library files may be downloaded from the Xilinx
anonymous FTP site at:

There is a READMEfile which descirbes how to install these files.

AR# 1455
Date 04/06/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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