AR# 14571


4.2i CORE Generator Dual Port Block Memory - I cannot load the COE file into the GUI when modifying the core


Keywords: COREGen, COE file, Load INIT, ECS, Dual Port Block RAM, re-generate, launchxco, memory, coefficient, file

Urgency: Hot

General Description:
When I open a core in ECS to editing the properties, I cannot load in or edit the path for the COE file. (Or, when I try to re-generate a core, I cannot change the path to the COE file.)


This problem occurs when an attempt is made to re-generate a core that has already been generated. The tool will not allow the path to the new COE file to be changed.

To work around this problem, generate the new core from scratch with the same component name and desired parameters.
AR# 14571
Date 10/08/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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