AR# 14585


System ACE MPM - Once I make my MPM file, how do I program the System ACE in Impact?


General Description: 

How do I program the System ACE once I have the MPM file in Impact?


Follow these steps to program the System ACE MPM: 


1. Generate the .mpm file by following the steps listed at:

2. Set iMPACT back to configuration mode:  

Mode -> Configuration Mode  


3. Initialize the chain to detect the MPM device by selecting File -> Initialize Chain.  

- An XC18V01 should appear, followed by an MPM device.  


4. Associate files with the devices: 

- Select the "$xilinx\xc18v00\data\xc18v01.bsd" file for the 18V01 PROM; 

- Select the ".mpm" file from Step 1 for the MPM device. 


5. Right-click on the MPM device and select "Program". 


The device will now configure correctly.

AR# 14585
Date 05/14/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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