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*Obsolete* 4.2 iMPACT - How do I create an SVF file from iMPACT in batch mode?


Keywords: 4.1, iMPACT, batch, SVF, command

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
How do I create an SVF file from the command line interface?


See 6.1i iMPACT Help for example.

To create a SVF file using iMPACT, set the mode to "BSCAN", and set the cable to an SVF file.

The following example defines the chain and programs two PROMs (refer to the iMPACT User's Guide for complete command line operation):

impact -batch
setmode -bscan
setcable -p svf -file mysvf.svf
adddevice -p 1 -sprom xc18v04 -file prom1.mcs
adddevice -p 2 -sprom xc18v04 -file prom2.mcs
adddevice -p 3 -file xc18v04_vq44.bsd
adddevice -p 4 -file xcv1000e_fg680.bsd
assignfile -p 1 -file prom1.mcs
assignfile -p 2 -file prom2.mcs
assignfile -p 3 -file xc18v04_vq44.bsd
assignfile -p 4 -file xcv1000e_fg680.bsd
program -p 1
program -p 2
AR# 14627
Date 09/22/2005
Status Archive
Type General Article
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