AR# 1468


XBLOX 5.x: Possible simulation problems if the labels are missing


Keywords: XBLOX, simulation, lablels

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

Designers may run into problems implementing or simulating XBLOX designs if
labels do not exist on all XBLOX buses. If labels do not exist on all
XBLOX buses, they may show up as undefined in simulation.


Always label buses associated with XBLOX symbols, including:

1. XBLOX buses between two XBLOX symbols.

2. XBLOX or non-XBLOX buses between an XBLOX and non-XBLOX symbol.

For example, if an FD8CE (non-XBLOX symbol) is driving a BUS_IF08 (XBLOX
symbol) and BUS_IF08 is in turn driving a SLICE (XBLOX symbol), add the
label 'COUNT[7:0]' with indices between the FD8CE and BUS_IF08 and add the
label 'SPLIT' between BUS_IF08 and SLICE without indices on it.
AR# 1468
Date 05/24/1999
Status Archive
Type General Article
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