AR# 14707


4.2i Timing Simulation - Error: "top.sdf(77502): Instance '/testbench/uut/ppc405_i' does not have a generic named 'tipd_gsr'"


Keywords: PPC, SDF, GSR, timing simulation

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I perform timing simulation using the PPC and the SimPrims libraries from the 4.2i, 4.2i SP1/SP2 software versions, the following error occurs:

"top.sdf(77502): Instance '/testbench/uut/ppc405_i' does not have a generic named 'tipd_gsr'"


You can avoid this error by using a new SimPrim model for the simulation:

1. Download the new model from:

2. Unzip the ZIP file into a temporary directory.
3. Compile the two files into the SimPrim library. For MTI, use the following commands by running them in a command prompt from the temporary directory:

vcom -work simprim simprim_SMODEL.vhd
vcom -work simprim simprim_Vcomponents.vhd
AR# 14707
Date 05/05/2004
Status Archive
Type General Article
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