AR# 14786


4.2 ECS - "Error: Invalid BlockDef statement: version"/" Error: Invalid Block statement: version"


Keywords: ECS, Open Error, Syntax Error, version, BlockDef, Block

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
I cannot open a schematic that includes a component named "version" in ECS. If I select the "MORE>>" button, messages similar to the following are displayed:

"u43.sch, Line 635: Error: Syntax error: syntax error"
"u43.sch, Line 634: Error: Invalid BlockDef statement: version"
"u43.sch, Line 999: Error: Syntax error: syntax error"
"u43.sch, Line 998: Error: Invalid Block statement: version"


ECS schematics are saved in a text format. In this format, "version" is a keyword and cannot be used as an identifier. You may fix the schematic by opening it in a text editor and deleting the lines listed in the error, up to and including their respective "END" statements.

Here is an example excerpt from a schematic that exhibits this error. (The line numbers have been prepended to illustrate the relationship between the error message and the contents of the file.) These lines must be deleted:

634 BEGIN BLOCKDEF version
635 TIMESTAMP 2002 5 8 16 37 18
636 RECTANGLE N 64 -64 320 0
637 LINE N 320 -32 384 -32
638 RECTANGLE N 320 -44 384 -20

998 BEGIN BLOCK XLXI_95 version
999 PIN C(7:0) VERSION(7:0)

After you open the schematic, recreate the component symbol with a new name and add this back to the schematic.
AR# 14786
Date 08/12/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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