AR# 14790


4.2i Install - Linux/WINE - A Service Pack installation fails, reporting that a valid Xilinx environment cannot be found


Keywords: 4.2i, SP, Service, Pack, install, Linux, Wine, not, found, find, Xilinx, environment, Administrator

I am installing a service pack for the 4.2i software on a Linux/WINE environment. After the GUI appears and extracts, a message reports that "A valid Xilinx environment was not found..." and the installation halts.


This is a WINE configuration issue. To work around it, perform the following steps:

1. Open a new terminal window with no $Xilinx environment variables set.

2. Set your $XILINX environment variable to be an explicit UNIX-style path to your Xilinx tools installation.

For example:

Bash Shell (Linux default), and K Shell:
export XILINX=/home/yourname/your_dir

C Shell:
setenv XILINX /home/yourname/your_dir

3. CD to the location into which you downloaded the Service Pack, and type "wine 4_2_0xi_PC.exe".

4. In some cases, you may have to browse to the location of your Xilinx tools installation in the dialog box if it does not appear in the default location box.

5. After the Service Pack installation is complete, you must set your Xilinx environment variables back to the recommended settings in order to run the updated tools:

Bash Shell (Linux default), and K Shell:

1. export XILINX="c:\\Xilinx"
2. export XIL_LINUX_WINE=1

C Shell:

1. setenv XILINX "c:\Xilinx".
2. setenv XIL_LINUX_WINE 1.

A permanent fix for the WINE configuration file is being investigated; it will be published in the Installation and Release Notes of the next major software release (5.1i).
AR# 14790
Date 03/26/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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