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AR# 14838

5.1i HDL Bencher - After I save a change in a testbench waveform, HDL Bencher no longer inquires about much longer a waveform should continue


Keywords: Bencher, cycle, clock, end of waveform, ISE, testbench, length

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
In 4.2i and earlier software versions, when I saved a testbench waveform, HDL Bencher would detect any changes after the last clock cycle and inquire concerning much longer the waveform should continue.

However, when I use the 5.1i software, HDL Bencher no longer asks how long the waveform should continue after it detects the last change.


This feature was removed in the ISE 5.1i software because support was added to the HDL Bencher that allows multiple clocks of various periods.

Setting the End of Test Bench location (Test Bench Length) can be done in one of the following ways:

1. Click and drag the End of Test Bench Line (blue vertical line) to the desired waveform location.

2. Right-click the waveform in the desired location to open an option menu, select "Set end of testbench".

NOTE: When HDL Bencher is embedded in the Project Navigator framework, the End to Testbench marker will be placed several clock periods past the cursor position on the waveform.

3. Select Options -> Configuration... and check the box selection to "Automatically determine end of testbench". This option automatically places the End of Testbench marker at the location of the last non-clock transition.
AR# 14838
Date 04/14/2005
Status Archive
Type General Article
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