AR# 14898


6.1i CPLD TAEngine - The fitter renames and rewrites OFFSET timing constraints as FROM:TO constraints


General Description: 

When I run a design that contains OFFSET constraints, the constraints are renamed and rewritten in the form of FROM:TO constraints.  


For example


Given the following UCF file: 


NET "clk" TNM_NET = "clk"; 

TIMESPEC "TS_clk" = PERIOD "clk" 10 ns HIGH 50 %; 

OFFSET = IN 10 ns BEFORE "clk"; 

OFFSET = OUT 10 ns AFTER "clk"; 


The timing report (.tim) shows: 


TS_clk=PERIOD:clk:10.00: Met 

OFFSET=IN : 10.00: N/A 

OFFSET=OUT : 10.00: N/A 




The OFFSET IN and OFFSET OUT constraints have been renamed: TS2001 is the OFFSET OUT and TS2002 is the OFFSET IN. In both cases, the constraints are renamed and rewritten as FROM:TO constraints. The new constraints are correct. 


- The OFFSET OUT constraint, written as a FROM:TO constraint, should subtract the clock propagation delay (Tgck). This is corrected in 6.1i Service Pack 2. 


- The OFFSET IN constraint, written as a FROM:TO constraint, might be confusing because the offset value has changed from 10 ns to 11.1 ns. The extra delay added to the FROM:TO constraint is due to the addition of clock propagation delay (Tgck). When this is taken into consideration, the new FROM:TO constraint is equivalent to the original constraint. 


This issue is fixed in the 6.1i software release.

AR# 14898
Date 05/08/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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