AR# 1493


PROFlow 3.0: About "PSFM !No resume"


PROflow quits with this message and shuts down PRO flow and returns the user
to the Windows Program Mananger. The typical synario for this message is
when the PRO Capture window is open and the user starts PROsim from PROflow.

Cause: There is not enough Conventional Memory to run PROflow.



Increase the Conventional Memory by loading drivers high and removing
unnecessary drivers and TSRs. You should have at least 450k (as seen from
a DOS session from Windows) to avoid any problems. Use a memory manager
like QEMM or maXmem (on the BBS within XMEM.ZIP) to free up low memory.


Close PRO Capture before invoking PRO Sim.


If the above solutions do not work, run xsimmake from DOS shell. For a list of flows with xsimmake, use -l option with xsimmake from DOS. For help on these flows, use -h option.
AR# 1493
Date 10/07/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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