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M1 and Workview Office: How do I set up concurrent licensing?


Keywords: license, LICENSE.DAT, flex, lmgrd, xilinxd

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The OEM version of Workview Office (shipped by Xilinx) comes with a
Node-Locked license and a hardware key. The M1 tools can use either a
Node-Locked license or a floating license. Both of these tools use the
FlexLM license management software, but Viewlogic uses version 4.1 and
Xilinx uses version 5.0.



The two license files may be concatenated into one LICENSE.DAT file. Simply
cut and paste the contents of one license file into the other.

The LM_LICENSE_FILE variable will then point only to this one license file
as follows:


If the Xilinx license is a floating license, LMGRD must still be run to start
the Xilinx Daemon.

This solution has not been tested with a floating Viewlogic license.

NOTE: This solution will only work if this is the only license.dat in the
LM_LICENSE_FILE variable. If the Xilinx and Viewlogic licenses are combined,
but there is also a third license, then you will still have to deal with the
delimiter. Either combine all the licenses into a single file, or keep all the
individual licenses separate with the delimiter as shown here:

SET LM_LICENSE_FILE=<path_to_Viewlogic>,;<path_to_Xilinx>;<path_to_other>

The Viewlogic must be first with the ,; delimiter, then others follow with the
standard ; delimiter.


The LM_LICENSE_FILE variable can be set to point to both license.dat files.
However, because of the version differences of the FlexLM software, special
consideration must be made for the delimiter. The proper syntax is as follows:


The comma-semicolon (,;) is intended due to the FlexLM version differences.
The Workview Office license MUST come first.

The example above is for Windows 95 and is set in the AUTOEXEC.BAT. It refers
to the default locations of the Viewlogic and Xilinx LICENSE.DAT files,
respectively. If these license files are placed in other locations, this
variable must change accordingly.

For Windows NT, this variable is added via the Control Panel. Double-click on
the System icon and select the Environment tab. Make sure that the
LM_LICENSE_FILE variable exists in the System section or the User section,
but NOT BOTH (because User overrides System). Do not use the word "SET".
AR# 1495
Date 03/27/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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