AR# 14972


4.2i CORE Generator (Japanese version only) - Converting a project containing an older .xco file causes an error


Keywords: COREGen, XCO, Japanese, version, command, project

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
(This issue occurs only in the Japanese version of CORE Generator.) An error is reported when an older core is re-generated or when an older CORE Generator project is converted to 4.2i CORE Generator project.

The error message is written in Japanese and reports:

"Cannot find core_xxxx. Please be sure that the same version of the core and the project target device is supported for this core."

The Japanese text of the error message is as follows:



This problem occurs because CORE Generator 4.2i files are localized in Japanese, whereas previous versions of CORE Generator were not localized in Japanese.

To work around this problem:

1. Open your file with the text editor. The file is under: \\Xilinx\coregen\resources.

2. Change the line




(You are essentially changing the Xilinx company name that was encoded for Japanese into English.)

3. Re-generate the core using 4.2i CORE Generator.
AR# 14972
Date 10/08/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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