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FPGA Express: Does FPGA Express have any 'scripting' capability?


Urgency: Standard

General Description:

Synopsys FPGA Compiler and Design Compiler have scripting features that allow

users to access all the Compiler features without using the graphical user

interface. FPGA Express did not have this capability until version 3.0.

To obtain more information about the scripting capabilities in FPGA Express

version 3.x, open the help contents from the FPGA Express GUI and select

the topic "FPGA Scripting Tool (FST)".

However, Express 2.1.3 and older does have "batch mode" capabilities that

allows users to update entire projects or specific implementations if the project

and implementations have already been created.


Update from the Command Line

To update a project or chip from the command line, give the FPGA Express batch

command FE at a DOS prompt. FE operates only on existing projects created

through the interactive GUI version of FPGA/Foundation Express.


FE [-chip chip_name -export export_directory] project.exp

You can use FE to update:

- Project

Do not specify any switches for a global update. In this mode, FE updates all

files and chips in the project. After updating it in the project, FE exports

any previously exported chip to the same directory.

- Chip

To update a chip, specify a chip and an export directory. In chip update mode,

FE updates only the specified chip and associated files. After updating the

chip in the project, FE exports it to the location specified. Note that the

export directory for the chip is not recorded and does not affect the behavior

of subsequent global updates.


DOS> FE -chip design -export C:\projects\newdir C:\projects\myproj\myproj.exp

AR# 1500
Date 10/11/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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