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AR# 15087

5.1i PrimeTime - Groups created through NET are not correctly translated


Keywords: group, net, PrimeTime, translated

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
I created a timing group with NET...TNM constraints, but the SDC does not list the same elements as the PCF. How do I fix this?


To work around this issue, modify the SDC as in the following example:

From the grouping in the PCF:

PIN "ff1s_pins<3>" = BEL "ff1s" NET "q_ff1s" ;
TIMEGRP "q_ff1s_thru_gp" = PIN "ff1s_pins<3>" ;

foreach element { ff1s_pins<3> \
} {
set q_ff1s_thru_gp [ add_to_collection $q_ff1s_thru_gp [ get_nets $element]]

should be:

foreach element { q_ff1s \
} {
set q_ff1s_thru_gp [ add_to_collection $q_ff1s_thru_gp [ get_nets $element]]
AR# 15087
Date 03/06/2005
Status Archive
Type General Article
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