AR# 15113


4.2isp3 Project Navigator GUI - No BitGen "debug bit stream" option is available for Spartan-II/IIE devices in ISE


Keywords: Project Navigator, ISE, BitGen, debug, bit stream, bitstream, -g, Spartan-II

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Although the BitGen "-g DebugBitstream" option is available from the command line for the Spartan-II/IIE devices, Project Navigator does not provide a property selection that allows this option to be added to these devices.


The BitGen software does have the capability to create a "debug bit stream" option for Spartan-II/IIE devices; however, the GUI option was not added.

If a "debug bit stream" option is needed, you may work around this problem by creating the bit stream from a command prompt as follows:

1. Run the BitGen process (Generate Programming File).

2. Double-click on "View Command Line Log File" under the "Design Entry Utilities" processes.

This will open the <design_name>.cmd_log file. The last entry should be the BitGen command line.

3. Either copy and paste this line to a batch file, or save the entire file as a batch file.

4. Edit the command line in the batch file so that it includes the -g DebugBitstream option.

For example:

bitgen -f flash.ut flash.ncd


bitgen -g DebugBitstream -f flash.ut flash.ncd

AR# 15113
Date 07/30/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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