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5.1i NGD2EDIF - Synopsys SMARTCCN (version 11062) fails to compile a netlist generated by the Xilinx tool


Keywords: EDIF, syntax, error, HP, Synopsys, simulation, SMARTCCN, NGD2EDIF, 11062, Virtex, Virtex-II

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General Description:
When I run SMARTCCN version 11062 on a Xilinx netlist for a Virtex, Virtex-II, Spartan, or Spartan-II device, the Synopsys compiler reports the following errors:

"Error: [line 133229] Syntax error at "(" missing { Port_ref }"
"Error: [line 133229] Syntax error at "(" missing CP"
"Error: [line 133229] Syntax error at "miNoMax" missing CP"
"Error: [line 133229] Syntax error at "(" missing CP"
"Error: [line 133160] The specified state (STATE) is not defined."


The Xilinx NGD2EDIF script outputs timing parameters in a format that SMARTCCN does not recognize. This only occurs with parameters that have a value of "undefined" in the Xilinx cell library.

This syntax error does not occur in the latest version of the SmartCircuit models. You may avoid the above errors by downloading and installing the latest version from the DesignWare Verification IP Models Directory.

- Enter the name of the model you are using in the "Component String" field and click on "Start Search".
- Select the model you are using from the list displayed. Make sure it is displayed as "Verification" under "IP Type". Find the exact match (including the number of pins), and click on "Download". (You may be prompted to re-enter your SolvNet ID and password.)
- Ensure that your delivery information is correct, and that the model name appears in the Model List Field.
- Select the radio button for the platform desired.
- Click on the "Submit_Request" button. You will receive a message confirming receipt of the request along with a reference number. When the build is completed, you will receive an e-mail with download and installation instructions.

Beginning with version 11069, the latest SMARTCCN versions will automatically use the maximum value from the netlist; you will be informed of this via the following warning message:

"Warning: [file_name:line_number] "miNoMax" timing definition encountered. By default, "max" timing values will be implemented. Please refer to the SMARTCCN help message for "-val_minomax" switch usage."

You may specify whether the "max" or "min" value should be used via the "-val_minomax" switch. No other values (including "typ")will be accepted. Any value other than "min" or "max" will cause the following error message to appear:

"Error: Invalid or missing argument was specified for the '-val_minomax' option."

The correct usage is as follows:
% $LMC_HOME/bin/smartccn -m model_name -val_minomax [min|max] netlist_file

For more information, please contact the Synopsys Support Center at:
AR# 15175
Date 08/11/2005
Status Archive
Type General Article
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