AR# 1518


Foundation Schematic: Changing table (title block) information or date on schematics


Foundation schematics contain a title block in the lower
right corner of each sheet. By default it displays Xilinx's
company name and address. The date is set to the date
that the project is created.

How can this information be changed?



To change the default title block information so that it
automatically appears on all schematics, select File ->
Configuration in the Foundation Project Manager. Click on
View Ini File. Add the following lines to the end of the

Firm Name=<your company name>
Table Data 1=<address or other text>
Table Data 2=<address or other text>

This information will automatically be reflected on all of
your schematics, except those that have had the title block
information changed manually.


To change the title block on an individual schematic, select
File -> Table Setup. In the dialog box, specify the
information you want to appear in the title block.


To change the date, open the schematic editor. Select File -->
Table Setup. This opens the Edit Standard Table dialog box.
Double click on the date. In the field description window change
the date, then click on OK.
AR# 1518
Date 08/12/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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