AR# 1525


Foundation Install: Hangs or give Fatal Exception while "Attaching Libraries"


Keywords: Install

Urgency: Low

General Description:
When installing the Foundation software, the install program
either hangs or gives a Fatal Exception error during the
"Attaching Libraries" stage.


One possible cause is that the date is set incorrectly in
the CMOS settings.

You can check the CMOS date by opening a DOS sessiong and
typing 'date'. If the date is incorrect, then the following
steps will remedy the problem (these instruction assume that
you want to install the software to C:\ACTIVE):

1) Delete the C:\ACTIVE directory.
2) Delete the WBT*, BTI.INI, SUSIE.INI, BTRIEVE.TRN files
from the Windows directory.
3) Set the correct date in your CMOS setup, and also correct
the date in Windows (via. Control Panel). You can enter
the CMOS setup during the bootup of your PC: it will tell
you what key to press to enter setup, or check your PC
4) Reinstall Foundation using the Custom option and install
without libraries.
5) Manually copy over the libraries you want from the
ACTIVE\SYSLIB directory on the CD to C:\ACTIVE\SYSLIB.
All libraries ending with 'U' are the Xilinx Unified
libraries. Do not copy the other libraries unless you
require support for old (pre-XACT5) designs.
6) Open the Foundation Project Manager and select
Applications -> Library Manager.
7) In the Library Manager, select Library -> Attach.
8) Select the C:\ACTIVE\SYSLIB directory.
9) Select all of the libraries in the directory and click
AR# 1525
Date 05/21/1999
Status Archive
Type General Article
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