AR# 15290


LogiCORE Ten Gigabit Ethernet MAC v2.1 - Device speed grade requirements


General Description: 

What Virtex-II Pro speed grade is required for the 10GEMAC v2.1 Core? 


(The data sheet for v2.1 indicates that Virtex-II Pro -7 is required for this core; however, -7 is only required for the XAUI configuration of this core.)


Note that this solution applies only for v2.1 of the core. For v3.0 speed grade requirements, refer to the v3.0 data sheet. 


Virtex-II Pro -7 in a Flip-Chip package is required for the XAUI version of the v2.1 core, but Virtex-II Pro -6 may be targeted for the XGMII version.  


For an XAUI configuration, the -7 part must be used to achieve the required timing for the MAC logic. In addition, Flip-Chip packages must be used for these parts to meet the 3.125 Gbps performance on the RocketIO. For more information, please see page 7 in the first module of the Virtex-II Pro data sheet, under "Ordering Information":

In the Flip-Chip packages, RocketIO will run at 3.125 Gbps in all speed grades.

AR# 15290
Date 05/14/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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