AR# 15303


4.2i CORE Generator - NC-Verilog warns that DECODE_8B10B_v3_0.v has nested a comment within a block comment


Keywords: 8B, 10B, decoder, DECODE_8B10B_v3_0.v, Verilog, Verilog-XL, NC-Verilog, simulation, compilation

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When compiling XilinxCoreLib with NC-Verilog or Verilog-XL, the compiler reports the following warning regarding XilinxCoreLib.DECODE_8B10B_V3_0:v:

"ncvlog: *W,NOCMIC (/products/xirsqa/merged/F.22.0/verilog/src/XilinxCoreLib/DECODE_8B10B_V3_0.v,58|2): error-prone block comment nested within block comment [2.3(IEEE)].
Module XilinxCoreLib.DECODE_8B10B_V3_0:v
errors: 0, warnings: 0
Module XilinxCoreLib.decode_8b10b_v3_0_base:v
errors: 0, warnings: 0
Total errors/warnings found outside modules and primitives:
errors: 0, warnings: 1"


In V3.0 of the decoder, a space exists between the * and / characters on line 54; this causes NC-Verilog or other Verilog simulators to issue the warning above. This warning is harmless and can be ignored, because this incorrect comment is immediately followed by another comment block.

This will be fixed in 5.1i IP Update #1, which is scheduled to be released in late 2002.
AR# 15303
Date 10/08/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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