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5.1i Install - Can I install ISE 5.1i and continue to use my existing (4.2i) version of FPGA Express?


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Can I use my existing 4.1i/4.2i FPGA Express after I install the ISE 5.1i software?


A 4.x version of FPGA Express cannot be integrated with ISE 5.1i, but you may continue to use it in stand-alone mode to synthesize designs created in 5.1i.

When you install the 5.1i software, DO NOT uninstall the 4.x version, as that is where FPGA Express resides. Choose the option to install 5.1i to a new directory.

Run the existing FPGA Express in stand-alone mode to synthesize the design. Then, export the EDIF netlist from within FPGA Express. From 5.1i Project Navigator, create a new project with the "EDIF" Design Flow, and add the EDIF file you previously created by selecting Project -> Add Source. You may then implement as usual in 5.1i Project Navigator.

NOTE: FPGA Express will only support those families that were supported in version 4.x.
AR# 15327
Date 03/26/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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