AR# 15331


*Obsolete* 4.2i iMPACT, 18V00 - Read-back .mcs file differs from the original .mcs file (16-bit vs. 32-bit .mcs file)


Keywords: iMPACT, read back, readback, MCS, PROM

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
4.1i and 4.2i read-back ".mcs" files are formatted differently than the original ".mcs" file.


iMPACT writes read-back ".mcs" files in 16-bit format, while the ".mcs" files in software versions 4.1i and later that are written by PROMGen are in 32-bit format.

The difference between 16-bit and 32-bit ".mcs" files is described in (Xilinx Answer 12307).

iMPACT will begin writing 32-bit .mcs files in the next major software release (5.1i).
AR# 15331
Date 09/26/2005
Status Archive
Type General Article
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