AR# 15349

8.1i Virtex-E PAR - Prohibiting a range of CLBs causes conflict with a LOC'd DLL that is within the area


A PROHIBIT constraint on a range of CLB locations is incorrectly applied to all component types within the range. In a specific case, a conflict occurred at a DLL site. 


The following constraints: 

PROHIBIT = SITE "CLB_R1C47.*:CLB_R64C58.*";  



result in the following error being reported during PAR: 


"ERROR:Ncd - Resolved that DLL DLL_0P is restricted such that it may not be placed. Site DLL0P is prohibited from use."


This problem is under investigation. Meanwhile, avoid conflicts between CLB range prohibits and LOCs on other component types.  


NOTE: To determine whether a particular component site overlaps a CLB range, check the RPM Grid coordinate values involved by selecting the sites in FPGA Editor. The RPM Grid coordinate will be printed in the history window. This coordinate system is common to all component types.

AR# 15349
Date 05/14/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article