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5.1i Install, Linux/Wine - Where can I find an example of a WINE configuration file needed to run the Xilinx tools on Linux?


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I am installing ISE on Linux, and several elements of the WINE configuration file must be set up before I can install and use the software. Where can I find an example configuration file?


The directories in this example must be adjusted to match your particular system configuration. This WINE configuration follows the instructions in (Xilinx Answer 13532).

Each user has a "home" location on the Linux system. You can reach this by using the command "cd ~" (or simply "cd" -> Enter), and the location will appear similar to: /home/user_name. A .wine directory should be located off of your "home" directory (e.g., /home/user_name/.wine).

You will be saving the configuration file inside this .wine directory.

Create the following directories:
/home/user_name/.wine/wine-c/windows/system -- This is where your dll files will be stored (msvcrt.dll, netbios.dll, etc)
/home/user_name/.wine/wine-c/Xilinx --This is where you installed the Xilinx software to.

Copy the configuration file "wine.reg" from "/etc" to "~/.wine/config". (Rename the file simply as "config".) Open the config file and modify the following two sections.

[Drive C]
"Path" = "/home/user_name/.wine/wine-c"
"Type" = "hd"
"Label" = "MS-DOS"
"Filesystem" = "win95"

NOTE: You must replace "user_name" with the actual path that exists on your machine. In the above information, "c:\" is defined as "/home/user_name/.wine/wine-c"

"Windows" = "c:\\windows"
"System" = "c:\\windows\\system"
"Temp" = e:\\ -- Or wherever your temp drive is. This should be set up correctly in your file.
"Path" = "c:\\windows;c:\\windows\\system;e:\\;e:\\test;f:\\;c:\\Xilinx\\bin\\nt;c:\\Xilinx"

NOTE: The "PC" directories are defined so that their locations are tied to the location of "c:\". Therefore, "c:\\windows" refers to your "/home/user_name/.wine/wine-c/windows" location. The "\\" are needed for this section in order for the environment variable to be set correctly.
AR# 15363
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