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AR# 15425

LogiCORE SPI 4.2 (POS PHY L4) - Generating a PL4 core with a specified COE file causes a hang or "ERROR: Customization parameter rule checks failed"


When I generate a PL4 core v5.0 with the COE file specified, CORE Generator hangs or reports the following errors: 


"ERROR: Customization parameter rule checks failed. Terminating core elaboration: Parameter 0 is greater than width 8." 

"ERROR: SimGenerator: Failure to set Sim customization parameters for core POS-PHY Level-4 Core." 

"ERROR: Elaboration failure for core POS-PHY Level-4 Core." 

"ERROR: Elaboration of core POS-PHY Level-4 Core failed."


These errors can occur when the provided COE file does not use the proper syntax. Within the COE file, all comment lines must be preceded by a semicolon (;). Each data point must be separated by a comma, and a semicolon must follow the last data point. 


Example COE file:  


The following is a COE file for a PL4 core calendar entry: 







CORE Generator v5.1i has been updated to output a meaningful error message when the COE file syntax is incorrect.

AR# 15425
Date 05/14/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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