AR# 15472


5.1i ISE - MGLS Licensing Error: "(<license server>): No server for this feature (-3,121)" is reported when a Leonardo Level 2 license is used through ISE


General Description:

I have a Level 2 license for Leonardo Spectrum, and the ISE TCL scripts are calling commands that are not valid for the Level 2 license. This causes the following errors:

"LeonardoSpectrum Level 2 - 2002b.21 (Release Production Release, compiled May 16 2002 at 05:56:02)

Copyright 1990-2001 Exemplar Logic, Inc. All rights reserved.


-- Welcome to LeonardoSpectrum Level 2

-- Run By a0201037@CNA0201037

-- Run Started On Tue Aug 20 10:48:26 CDT 2002


-- Reading target technology xcv

Reading library file `D:\FPGAdvPersonal53\Exemplar\\lib\xcv.syn`...

Library version = 4

Delays assume: Process=6

-- analyze -tech xcv -format verilog {e:/Xilinx/verilog/src/iSE/unisim_comp.v <file name> }

Security Error -1: Checkout of "ls2_cmd_analyze" failed - No such feature exists

Feature: ls2_cmd_analyze

License path: C:\flexlm\license.dat

FLEXlm error: -5,357

Licensing checkout error with feature ls2_fpga. (Error code -3.)

Cannot connect to the license server.

-The server may not be running.

-The server machine may not be available.

-The network connection may not be working properly.

Please verify that the server is functioning properly by running this program on the server machine."


If you have created an ISE Leonardo project that failed synthesis once, "set _old_read TRUE" in the TCL script created by ISE will cause Leonardo to use analyze/elaborate during the _gc_read procedure. If you comment this out (by using a # at the beginning of the line), reading with Level 2 licenses will no longer be problematic.

Note that you still cannot run the TCL script through ISE; instead, you must run the edited TCL script when LeonardoSpectrum is in stand-alone mode. Once you have completed Synthesis through Leonardo in stand-alone mode, you must create a new ISE project and choose a design flow of type "EDIF" that uses the EDIF netlists created by LeonardoSpectrum.
AR# 15472
Date 07/27/2011
Status Archive
Type General Article
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