AR# 15520


6.1i ISE - The font size in the Project Navigator "Transcript" window is too large


The font in the Project Navigator "Transcript" window is large and does not match the font size of the characters in a document that I opened in HDL Editor.

The font size in the Transcript window also changes after I open a document in HDL Editor.


This problem is most often seen on machines with a Japanese operating system or on a machine with a unique subset of fonts installed.

You can fix this problem by doing the following:

1. Edit the "HDLEditor.cfg" file in the "$XILINX/data" directory.
2. Add a new file named "reportlang.ecc" to the "$XILINX/data" directory.

The instructions and code for the needed changes follow. You can also receive a copy of these files by contacting Xilinx Customer Support at:

The fix ties the font used in the "Transcript" window to that of the report viewer. To change both fonts, use the Edit -> Preferences menu option. The fix should eliminate the "changing" font and allow you to set the font in the output window.

NOTE: One effect of these changes is that the appropriate icon will not appear on the tab next to the file name at the bottom of the ISE Text Editor window.

Make the following two changes to the "HDLeditor.cfg" file in the "$XILINX/data" directory:

1. Add the following line at the end of the [Languages] section:

2. Add the following section at the end of the file:

Comment Start 1=""
Comment End 1=""
Comment Start 2=""
Comment End 2=""
Extra word chars="#"

Create a file named "reportlang.ecc" in the "$XILINX/data" directory and copy the following text into the new file:

; Report language color template for HDLEditor
Operators =
Delimiters =
KWStartChars =
KWMiddleChars =
KWEndChars =
NumTags = 0
TabSize = 4
AutoIndent = 1
ShowWhitespace = 0
VirtualWhitespace = 0
ReplaceTabs = 0
MatchCase = 0
FaceName = Courier
Size = 10
Italic = 0
Bold = 0
NumGroups = 3
Group1 = Text
Group2 = Text Selection
Group3 = Highlight
Foreground = 0,0,0
Background = 255,255,255
DisplayName = Text
Configurable = 1
BackColorAutomatic = 1
ForeColorAutomatic = 1
[Text Selection]
Foreground = 255,255,255
Background = 0,0,0
BackColorAutomatic = 1
ForeColorAutomatic = 1
DisplayName=Text Selection
Foreground = 255, 0, 85
Background = 0, 255, 170
DisplayName = Highlight

AR# 15520
Date 05/13/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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