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LogiCORE SPI-4.2 (POS-PHY L4) v5.0 - Is the PL4 v5.0 Core compatible with the ISE 5.1i tool?


General Description:

Is the SPI-4.2 (PL4) v5.0 Core compatible with the ISE 5.1i implementation tools?


The PL4 v5.0 release requires ISE 4.2i with Service Pack 3 software to generate the PL4 Core.

The PL4 v5.1 release supports ISE 5.1i implementation software. PL4 v5.1 is an "update" that should be applied to an existing PL4 v5.0 Core. The v5.0 Core must be created with the ISE 4.2i Service Pack 3 version of the CORE Generator tool prior to applying the PL4 v5.1 update. The PL4 v5.1 release provides the following:

- Addresses the relationship between RSClk and SnkEn (Xilinx Answer 15955)

- Supports Virtex-II with static and dynamic* alignment (for all previously available device/package combinations)

- Supports Virtex-II Pro with static alignment only (2vp20 and 2vp50 FF1152)

- Supports the ISE 5.1i implementation software

- Resolves an error that is reported when BitGen is run (Xilinx Answer 14856)

- Removes Automatic Static Alignment (Xilinx Answer 15267)

* Dynamic Alignment in ISE 5.1i will be supported after the release of ISE 5.1i Service Pack 3 (mid-December, 2002). Please continue to use ISE 4.2i for the Dynamic Alignment solution.

SPI-4.2 (PL4) v5.2 and v5.2.2 is fully compatible with ISE 5.1i and ISE 5.2i.

AR# 15555
Date 05/03/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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