AR# 1558


Windows 95: help fails with three programs within XACTstep 6.0 program group


Pushing the [Help] button within certain programs (Symbol Generator, Memory
Generator, and Simulation Utility) within the XACTstep 6.0 program group
yields a warning message. The message is plainly stated:

Cannot find the C:\XACT\help\win32\\<program_name>.HLP

where <program_name> is "SYMGEN","MEMGEN", or "XSIMMAKE".


The double back-slash is causing the confusion and is isolated to Windows 95.

Go to Programs -> Windows Explorer -> c:\XACT\help\win32\ and select the .hlp
file you want to view.
AR# 1558
Date 03/20/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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