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AR# 15615

5.1i PACE- I cannot read in constraints in PACE when the UCF is specified


Keyword: PACE, read, UCF, constraints, LOC

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
After I run NGDBuild, PACE is invoked; although I have specified the UCF, the pin locations are not displayed. If I attempt to READ CONSTRAINTS in PACE, the pin locations still do not appear.


When this situation occurs, warnings such as the following will appear during the Translate step:

"INFO:NgdBuild:740 - Line 48 in 'all_ports.ucf': Found case insensitive match for
NET name 'WEST_SC_16K_SYNC'. NET is 'west_sc_16k_sync'."

If you change the net names in the UCF so that they are written in lowercase characters, PACE will be able to read in the constraints successfully.
AR# 15615
Date 03/06/2005
Status Archive
Type General Article
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