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5.1i Project Navigator - "Warning: NGDBuild:257 - Launcher: Could not find the file..."


Keywords: NGDBuild, 257, error, Launcher, 28, 5.1, NGC, could not find, translate

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The following error and warning occur when I invoke the Translate process (NGDBuild):

"WARNING:NgdBuild:257 - Launcher: Could not find the file '<Xilinx_work_dir>\<design_name>' with extension "ngc" in the search path. The file name extension will be ignored."

"ERROR:NgdBuild:28 - Top-level input design file '<design_name>.ngc' cannot be found or created. Please make sure the source file exists and is of a recognized netlist format (e.g., ngo, ngc, edif, edn, or edf)."

"Writing NGDBUILD log file "<design_name>.bld"...
Error: NGDBUILD failed."


This warning and error message will occur if the project directory contains a subset or superset of the value of the XILINX system variable or installation directory.

For example:

If the XILINX variable is set to "c:\xilinx", a project named "c:\xilinx_projects\test_proj" would cause this error during the Translate process. However, "c:\xil51_projects\test_proj" should not experience any problems.

Therefore, if the software is installed to C:\Xilinx, the files underneath the following directories will be unavailable for use:

C:\X, C:\x, c:\XI, C:\xi, C:Xilinx, C:\xilinx_bar, C:\XILINX_foo...
A regular expression of this is: [Cc]:\\[Xx][Ii[Ll[Ii[Nn[Xx[{directory_chars}*]?]?]?]?]?]?

To avoid this problem, rename or avoid using projects with a name that is either a subset or a superset of the root name of the Xilinx installation
AR# 15690
Date 02/07/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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