AR# 1571


XEPLD/XABEL: xr2: [Error] Ignoring symbol with same name as previous symbol.


When compiling an EPLD design with ABEL macros through the
EPLD core tools, the following error may occur during the
Optimizer/Partitioner phase of Implementation:

xr2: [Error] Ignoring symbol with same name as previous symbol.
Please use unique symbol names.

This error indicates that there are 2 symbols in the XNF file
which have the same instance name. This can happen with tri-state
nodes, if the NODETRST Plusasm property is not used. A TBUF and
an OR gate will be put into the XNF file with the same instance
name, which is illegal XNF syntax.

If a node or pin is desired to be tri-state, the
NODETRST Plusasm property must be attached to it in order
for the node to be properly synthesized.


Use the following syntax for 3-state nodes.
In the declarations section:

OUT1 pin; "OUT1 is the 3-stated output pin (or node).

XEPLD Property 'node (nodetrst) OUT1';

*Note: even if the signal is declared as a pin in the ABEL
file this is necessary, since the ABEL file is a macro, and
not a top-level design.
AR# 1571
Date 03/29/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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