AR# 15721


5.1isp1 iMPACT - When an encryption key (.nky) file is assigned to a Virtex-II device, errors and exceptions occur ("ERROR:iMPACT:1111 - Can't locate BSDL file...")


General Description:

When I attempt to assign an encryption key (.nky) file to a Virtex-II device in iMPACT, the following errors are reported:

"ERROR:iMPACT:1111 - Can't locate BSDL file xcv40.bsd."

"EXCEPTION:iMPACT:BsdlStorage.c:314:1.40 - File does not exist."

"ERROR:iMPACT:533 - deviceManagerProxy->setDeviceAttribute() failed!"


This problem will be fixed in 5.2i Service Pack 1, which will be available in early March, 2003.

Meanwhile, you can work around this problem as follows:

1. Assign the ".bit" file in iMPACT, select "Program", then point to the ".nky" file through the Programming Options dialog box.

2. Open the ".nky" file in a text editor and add the letters "xc" to the beginning of the part name. (For example, "2v1000fg456" would be changed to "xc2v1000fg456".)

These errors are related to the errors discussed in (Xilinx Answer 16490).

AR# 15721
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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