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AR# 15802

3.1 EDK - Why are two bit files created, and which one should I use?


General Description:

Why are two bit files created, and which one should I use?


Currently, XPS creates two bit files: download.bit and <system>.bit. This occurs because XPS supports parallel software and hardware development.

1. The hardware flow (PlatGen, synthesis and Xilinx ISE implementation tools) results in a <system>.bit file.

2. The software flow (LibGen and Compiler) results in the compiled application code (ELF file).

If the processor system utilizes Block RAMs for application code (ELF file), the Block RAMs in the <system>.bit file must be initialized. Data2BRAM is used to initialize the Block RAMs in <system>.bit with the ELF file. The bit file created by Data2BRAM is called "download.bit". You should always use "download.bit" on the hardware board.
AR# 15802
Date 12/20/2011
Status Archive
Type General Article
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