AR# 1583


Foundation Schematic: Viewlogic Import error - cannot connect wire to symbol


Keywords: viewlogic import schematic connect wire

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
After importing a Viewlogic schematic, you may see one or
more lines like this in the vlimport.log file:

Schematic 'CONTROL': cannot connect wire to symbol 'FDRD'


This error usually occurs when importing "very crowded'
schematics with lots of nets.

When there are too many obstacles between two pins that need
to be connected, the Foundation "autowire" process may not be
able to draw the net between these pins.


By looking at the Viewlogic schematic and the vlimport.log
file, you can add the missing nets manually after the import
process is complete.


Before importing the Viewlogic schematic, make sure that
there are not too many obstacles between connected pins so
that the "autowire" process can resolve the connections
AR# 1583
Date 05/21/1999
Status Archive
Type General Article
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