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AR# 15905

9.1i Incremental Design - PAR: "WARNING:Place:119 - Unable to find location. TBUF component "xxx" not placed"


When I implement my design with area group constraints that contain TBUFs, the following warning and error occur: 


"WARNING:Place:119 - Unable to find location. TBUF component "xxx" not placed." 


"ERROR:Place:120 - There were not enough sites to place all selected components."


To avoid this error and warning, follow these guidelines: 


1. Be sure that the area group range contains enough TBUF resources.  

2. If the range does contain enough resources, the problem might be caused by overlapping ranges. Ensure that no overlapping TBUF ranges exist in your design.  

3. If both 1 and 2 are satisfied and the error still occurs, verify whether any floating TBUFs are placed inside the area group and are using up the needed resources. If this is the case, the floating TBUFs should be assigned to an area group and given a range that does not overlap any of the current TBUF ranges. (The floating TBUFs can also be manually located.)

AR# 15905
Date 05/20/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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