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AR# 16042

5.1i ISE - Project Navigator does not identify the instantiation hierarchy correctly.


Key Words: GUI, Proj Nav, hierarchy, not, correct, wrong, instantiation

Urgency: Standard

Problem Description: Project Navigator does not correctly identify the source file hierarchy.. The instance names are all correct but for some reason the GUI does not show the hierarchy correctly.


One cause of this problem has been found in designs with non ASCII characters (out of range characters) in the source file, even if the characters are commented out. The hierarchy parser can be effected by commented text even though the text has no impact on the design. Removing the comments from all the files fixed the problem in one case. If a file is corrupted in uncommented code the problem will likely show up in a syntax check.

ISE 6.1i will detect and remove such characters.

AR# 16042
Date 12/12/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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