AR# 1620


Esperan VHDL tutorial: Where are the example VHDL labs/files?


When running the Esperan Master Class Lite tutorial, VHDL
files are mentioned during the lab portion of the tutorial.

Where can I find these VHDL files?



The VHDL files are placed on your hard drive during the
installation of the Master Class Lite tutorial. They are
installed into the following location by default:


Solutions to the labs are located in:


Note: The paths and drive letters listed above may be
different on your particular machine depending on the drive
and path you specified during installation.


Within the tutorial, there also references made to a Workbook.

Esperan does put together Workbook's for some tools,
however one does not exist for Metatmor/HDL Editor
as seen in the Foundation Series Tools.

Thus, the labs/sol's are not as significant.
AR# 1620
Date 09/09/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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