AR# 16201


ModelSim XE II 5.6a Evaluation version - The MXE 5.6a Evaluation version does not open, or it crashes during simulation


Keywords: ModelSim, MXE, 5.6a, MXE-II, EVAL, starter, crashes, dies, dumps, crash, kill, disappear, evaluation

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
A problem with the current ModelSim XE II 5.6a Evaluation version can cause it to crash when a simulation is run. In some cases, the program may not even open.

NOTE: The Starter and Full versions of MXE do not experience this problem.


Xilinx recommends that you use the MXE II Starter version to evaluate the MXE II software. Please uninstall the MXE II Evaluation version and install the MXE II Starter version.

The MXE II Starter version is available on the MXE CD that is shipped with the Xilinx Software. It can also be download from the WebPACK web page at:

For information about the capabilities of the MXE II Full version and the MXE II Starter version, please see the MXE II Tech Tip page at:
AR# 16201
Date 05/10/2004
Status Archive
Type General Article
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