AR# 16228


5.1isp2 NGDAnno - "ERROR:Anno:297 - fragment ("i" (tag=6 in view "FRAGCOVERED")) has parent ("level1" ...) does not match..."


Keywords: NGDAnno, NGD2VHDL, NGD2VER, hierarchical, IBUF, OBUT, fragment, keep, hierarchy, frag, covered, error, anno, 297

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I use the KEEP_HIERARCHY constraint in a design and the design contains IBUFs/OBUFs that are instantiated in separate hierarchical levels, NGDAnno reports an error similar to the following:

"ERROR:Anno:297 - fragment ("i" (tag=6 in view "FRAGCOVERED")) has parent ("level1" (tag=0 in view "FRAGCOVERED")) does not match component's parent: component (i (IOB (0))) parent ("lower_level_hierarchy" (tag=1 in view "FRAGCOVERED"))"

NGDAnno will output an NGA file. NGD2VHDL and NGD2VER can be run on the NGA to create a valid simulation netlist, but the netlist will be flattened.



This problem will be fixed in 5.1i Service Pack 3, which will be available in mid-December, 2002.


Until 5.1i Service Pack 3 is released, the only way to work around this problem is to instantiate all buffers in the top level. If this cannot be done, only a flattened netlist can be generated until Service Pack 3 is installed.
AR# 16228
Date 08/11/2005
Status Archive
Type General Article
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